Supporting Candidates

Unrivalled market knowledge? Yes. Taking the time to find out about you and what you want? Of course! How could we help you otherwise?

You have likely heard the same old clichés from recruitment agencies; “forging strong relationships with candidates…going the extra mile…understanding what makes you tick”. Some agencies pride themselves on that. We think that’s just the basic foundation of how we make successful placements and more importantly, how we help you find the right role.

We have worked together for over 10 years; we don’t do staff turnover (although we have had some excellent additions!) We simply love working together. Our candidates love that too; it’s reassuring to know that we are a constant and seen as firm friends. They know that we will be candid and honest about their job search and guide them to success. The important thing for us is that it’s YOUR job search. We are here to show you the menu, not to dictate what you choose.

We are available, truthful, hardworking, open, brave, honest and (usually) a joy to work with. As well as trumpeting your best qualities, we will not shy away from telling you awkward truths if it will set you on the right path. Sometimes it would be easier not to, but it is our responsibility to you. We think we need to do more than noting that you prefer not to do a role which is 80% minuting and that your family live in Leeds so a job there could work. So we do. Ask anyone – our reputation has been forged through word of mouth, and we are fiercely proud of it and our independence. Come on in and get to know us.

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